Buy a Plant. Heal the World. Our Story in a Slideshow.

By Karen W. Kovacs


We wanted a creative way to tell the world about our efforts to help eradicate polio and reach an audience of gardeners and plant lovers who may purchase bulbs from our internationally acclaimed local business partner, Brent & Becky’s Bulbs.

Consociate Media created some incredible graphics to help tell folks about the project and turned them into a slideshow that we have been able to share all over the world.

Click here to view the Plants to End Polio Slideshow.

The fast pace of most people’s daily lives meant that a lot of information needed to get packed into a small amount of time and space. We dream that the Plants to End Polio project will cross international boundaries with social media sharing.

This is not a typical fundraiser. No tickets get bought. No extra cash other than what the buyer had intended to spend on bulbs or plants or gifts gets spent.

Just by designating Gloucester Point Rotary Charitable Foundation through Brent & Becky’s Bloomin’ Bucks, their business donates 25% of the purchase price to help eradicate polio. And what’s amazing, too, is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation then matches that donation 2:1!

An $80 purchase translates to a $60 contribution to the Global Polio Eradication Effort. That means that by 2018, we anticipate very few incidences of the vaccine preventable disease that results in devastating paralysis. And every year when your bulbs bloom, you can appreciate that you played a role in ending polio.

Author Karen W. Kovacs is a member of the Gloucester Point VA Rotary Club. You can help eradicate polio by making a purchase at or with a contribution to Gloucester Point Rotary Charitable Foundation (Plants to End Polio) P.O. Box 421 White Marsh, VA 23183.


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25% of purchases made with Brent and Becky's, and designated for the Gloucester Point Rotary Charitable Foundation, will be donated to END POLIO.



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